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Be a better communicator and convince your audience, Chiara would help you reach the convincing level that you need…


Practice and analyze your speeches whenever you want through a mobile app.

Live the best immersive experience

The Chiara mobile VR APP would help you practice control your nerves and stage fright just before any presentation within a `real life´ virtual scene.

Do you have an important presentation? Practice real speeches uploading your presentation to the virtual room, know your audience, watch their reactions and adapt your speech to be more convincing.

Submerge in the virtual reality world whenever you want; you just need your mobile phone and Chiara VR glasses.


Totally Personalized Coaching whenever you need it.

Could you imagine having a personalized communication coach only for you? After every presentation, Chiara would give you feedback and tips specifically adapted for your progress.

Chiara does a real-time analysis of the parameters that influences the fluency, confidence, credibility, engagement and influence of your speech.

Discover the areas that you need to improve, and practice the tips to make a brilliant presentation.


The most advanced analysis of your communication


Chiara combines the most advanced analytics systems in the market, including its own algorithms of voice decomposition, analysis of normal speech and gaze monitoring.

Thanks to Chiara’s Artificial Intelligence, subjectivity is eliminated thus giving you a personalized analyzation of your profile as a communicator.

Chiara has more than 200,000 feedback combinations and it also controls in parallel the most important parameters of oral communication such as: volume, intensity, intonation, pauses and silences, tags, clarity….


Virtual Training on Public Speaking

Discover the most advanced mobile app to improve your communication skills….

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