The most advanced online course to improve your communication skills

Improve your public communication skills in a totally personalized and simple course.


¿What is Chiara?

How does it work?

Thanks to the immersive capacity of virtual reality, you can immerse yourself in real life environments such as the most common situations that could happen in meetings, presentations or even public speeches.


Chiara would analyze your speech aspects that influence communication, providing you with a personalized training through a virtual coach and all techniques you might need to improve where you need it most.

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I have had the pleasure of beta testing Chiara from its first phases and I have to say that it is the most innovative training solution that I have tried.
It would no doubt revolutionize the way people acquire new skills, the same way that Netflix has changed our way of watching things.


Domingo de Lucas Alcocer
Manager de Gestión de Personas (HR manager). Social Recruiter. 
Vector ITC group

Because of the job I do, they often present me with alleged "novelties", but they soon disappoint because, in reality, they are nothing more than "the same" disguised after bombastic Anglo-Saxon names.

However, I did like "Chiara", for these three reasons: it is truly something new, disruptive; the use of virtual reality / augmented reality allows the student to avoid the emotional restraint of the public and to be self-reliant for their learning; and finally, and for the sake of consistency, its name claims the Mediterranean contribution ... Good for "Chiara". 


Jose Ángel Díez Sequera
Área de Formación del  Centro de Tecnología Repsol
(Center of Repsol's Technological Training Department)

When a great level of knowledge and experience is coupled with the latest technology, we cannot imagine how far it can take us, until you know CHIARA, it is the new form of Digital Learning, it is also interactive, simple and very attractive.

Now you can develop skills with an innovative and surprising methodology. "The future is now". 


Cristina García Moral
HR Talent Manager
AKI Bricolaje ESP

"The training with Chiara has been very stimulating for me; What's more, I think that, like any interactive experience and virtual reality, it has some addictive component.

The first time you put on your VR glasses and face your first audience, you can not imagine the learning and self-demanding path that lies ahead.

The familiarity with the application, the well supervised work and the feedback received after each of the practices, enables the progress and improvement in each new "immersion".

Speaking well in public is not an easy task: and it goes without saying, practicing in simulated scenarios is an excellent help"

Marta Cerame

Audiovisual Director at News agency EFE

Awards and honors

Co-financed project by the European Regional Development FEDER, within the Technological Operative Funds program from 2007-2013