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¿What is Chiara?

How does it work?

Thanks to the immersive capacity of virtual reality, you can immerse yourself in real life environments such as the most common situations that could happen in meetings, presentations or even public speeches.


Chiara would analyze your speech aspects that influence communication, providing you with a personalized training through a virtual coach and all techniques you might need to improve where you need it most.

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I have had the pleasure of beta testing Chiara from its first phases and I have to say that it is the most innovative training solution that I have tried.
It would no doubt revolutionize the way people acquire new skills, the same way that Netflix has changed our way of watching things.


Domingo de Lucas Alcocer
Manager de Gestión de Personas (HR manager). Social Recruiter. 
Vector ITC group

Because of the job I do, they often present me with alleged "novelties", but they soon disappoint because, in reality, they are nothing more than "the same" disguised after bombastic Anglo-Saxon names.

However, I did like "Chiara", for these three reasons: it is truly something new, disruptive; the use of virtual reality / augmented reality allows the student to avoid the emotional restraint of the public and to be self-reliant for their learning; and finally, and for the sake of consistency, its name claims the Mediterranean contribution ... Good for "Chiara". 


Jose Ángel Díez Sequera
Área de Formación del  Centro de Tecnología Repsol
(Center of Repsol's Technological Training Department)

When a great level of knowledge and experience is coupled with the latest technology, we cannot imagine how far it can take us, until you know CHIARA, it is the new form of Digital Learning, it is also interactive, simple and very attractive.

Now you can develop skills with an innovative and surprising methodology. "The future is now". 


Cristina García Moral
HR Talent Manager
AKI Bricolaje ESP

"The training with Chiara has been very stimulating for me; What's more, I think that, like any interactive experience and virtual reality, it has some addictive component.

The first time you put on your VR glasses and face your first audience, you can not imagine the learning and self-demanding path that lies ahead.

The familiarity with the application, the well supervised work and the feedback received after each of the practices, enables the progress and improvement in each new "immersion".

Speaking well in public is not an easy task: and it goes without saying, practicing in simulated scenarios is an excellent help"

Marta Cerame

Audiovisual Director at News agency EFE

The course was a success and exceeded my expectations. It is very complete and constantly combines practice, feedback and techniques to improve. Another positive aspect is that it requires time and dedication. Highly recommended

"Andrés García"

Chiara perfectly combines the Team Training experience in the field of knowledge transmission with Artificial Intelligence. The result is a Virtual Reality glasses where the student will have a coach at their disposal who will accompany him at any time and place. I see a lot of potential in a solution that is still to be explored in our country.

Meritxell Comas
Laboratorios Isdin

Chiara is a new way to train in presentations in public that perfectly responds to the needs of new users, they seek to be able to train with 2.0 methodologies and much more flexible than traditional classroom training.

Daniel López Blasco

"I think CHIARA is an innovative and unique training solution. The possibility of using virtual reality for training in presentations in different environments gives an additional advantage over other training platforms.

The use of real environments facilitates the assimilation by the student. The fact of measuring your results and benchmarking improvement with respect to different stakeholders gives you that "game" component that encourages you to continue using it. "

Raul Serrano
Human Resources Director at Damco and Transamar

"I found it a very interesting and innovative option, a luxury that allows an unlimited number of immersive experiences in which to practice communication skills in a safe environment." Impressive use of Artificial Intelligence to facilitate a personalized and objective coaching. "

Víctor M. León Carmona
Learning & Talent Development. Onboarding Process

Chiara News


Premio Antoni Caparrós

Premio Antoni Caparrós

December 11, 2018

"The Antoni Caparrós Award for the best knowledge transfer project was for Chiara, an application developed by the UB Phonetics Laboratory, directed by Ana M.ª Fernández Planas, in collaboration with the Madrid company Team Training Consulting, under the impulse of Soraya del Portillo. The application allows users to follow a practical course on oral expression techniques in a completely autonomous way and without the intervention of any teacher, so anyone with a smartphone and virtual reality glasses can improve their abilities to speak in public . Chiara analyzes the presentations made by the user during the course and automatically assesses whether the person is a good speaker or not. In addition, it gives him the necessary information to improve his expression in public, "said the university's web portal.


Foro RRHH.jpg

Capital Radio

Foro Recursos Humanos

December 3, 2018

Once again, Soraya del Portillo, Chiara's CEO, attends the Human Resources Forum, but this time, she tells what Chiara's progress has been since its launch in February 2018. According to the CEO, already has more than 25 large companies that use Chiara to improve the ability to speak in public of its professionals. In addition, he says that, thanks to these customers, he is already in breakeven, that is to say, they have already recovered the investment. However, for her the most important numbers are those that provide an improvement, and that, del Portillo, ensures that, at the end of Chiara's course, professionals get an improvement of 18.9%, and that for her is of great satisfaction.


Foto web.png

RTVE Emprende with Juanma Romero

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO & Founder of Chiara November 29, 2018

For Soraya del Portillo, eliminating the stage fright and improving the flaws that any speaker may have when making a presentation in public, can only be achieved through practice. "This is a skill that is worked, if we worked from childhood, we achieved as any skill to train and be true spikers. That's the key to Chiara, start training. " Today Chiara has already reached the breakeven point "we already reached breakeven, and when we tell investors who have contacted us, they can not believe that, since February 2018, when our product came to market, so far , the entire investment has already been recovered, "del Portillo said.



Web Summit 2018

Lisbon November 5, 6, 7 and 8 2018

This year, Chiara's team had the opportunity to participate in the Web Summit 2018, the "largest technology conference in the world". The event that today has become the largest and most important technology market in Europe. An incomparable world gathering place for the most disruptive technology companies in the world and for those people interested in transforming their businesses and their lives. So, on this occasion, many of the attendees managed to taste Chiara and learn how this App manages to help them eliminate their stage fears and improve their presentations in public. BeChiara!


Gestiona Radio

November 6, 2018

Soraya del Portillo, Chiara's CEO, said that the best speakers in the world are those who have practiced, who have been doing it for so long and their fear has been removed.
According to del Portillo, the face-to-face courses of any consultant, including hers, lack of practice, for this reason, Chiara emerges as the first Virtual Reality simulator capable of giving objective feedback to students.

"With Chiara, we get the student to improve their presentations in public, we have the student move to 24 different scenarios and practice as many times as he wants. And the best, anyone who needs to make a presentation can do this course, "he said.




Web Summit 2018

Miguel Ángel García, Correspondent in Lisbon.

November 6, 2018

"We are going to change education, that is our purpose. Our idea is to teach children to speak better in public, to convince and to manage conflicts, "said Soraya del Portillo, Chiara's CEO.


3M 1.jpg

Talent Street by Team & Talent

Innovating in talent communication

October 30, 2018

"Regarding the three axes of the campaign, the first of them, learning, came true from a Master Class led by Soraya del Portillo, manager and founder of Team Training Consulting, where employees experienced innovative solutions through a showroom with four different corners: Capaball, Chiara, Gamelearn and Zapiens ", said the portal.



Media Startups Valencia

Channel 33

October 30, 2018

During Media Startups Valencia, journalist Enrique Ribóo from channel 33, interviewed Soraya del Portillo, Chiara's CEO: "when we communicate we are playing a lot, we are playing a role, selling an idea, convincing and even influencing the person in what we want through our speech, "he said.

According to the CEO, there are many people who perfectly master their speech, but when they get on stage and stand in front of an audience, they are blocked. For this reason, Chiara has developed the tool that will allow the student to improve their presentations in public.



Agora News

Media Startups Valencia

October 30, 2018

Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara, says that, thanks to these meetings of startups, companies like hers make themselves known "we did not know the world of Media Startups, and sincerely without you, we would not be anything".

For her, these meetings are what give voice and make people know them, "thanks to these events, small startups can let us know, being lucky to participate in this type of events, it is very positive", she finished




Culture Emprende with Andrés Dulanto

Women Entrepreneurs

October 29, 2018

"As an enterprising woman, I founded my first Human Resources consultancy 12 years ago, where we specialized in soft skills, and the biggest lack we had in the national market was that the managers were very well prepared in content and at the university, but, they had a very important gap in that part of skills, and that is, they have shortcomings when it comes to leading people, leading meetings or closing negotiations and especially when it comes to communicating and trying to sell an idea, "said Soraya. Portillo, CEO of Chiara.

According to the CEO, thanks to new technologies, today their tool manages to cover these shortcomings, and allows professionals to be fully effective when making their presentations. "With Chiara, it is possible to increase the number of practices and it is also done in a totally realistic environment," he said.



Top Emprendedores

October 29, 2018

3M presented to its workers a new formative bet based on the avant-garde concept "Learnability", that is, the ability to learn constantly. "Within the talks, sessions and workshops that were part of the program on the LEARN axis, on October 25 a Master Class was held led by Soraya del Portillo, manager and founder of Team Training Consulting, where employees experienced innovative solutions through of a showroom with four different "corners": Chiara, Capaball, Gamelearn and Zapiens ", reviewed the web portal.



October 25, 2018

"Innovation, Technology and People for the Digital Era"
This year, Chiara was present at the thirteenth edition of the National Vision Congress, an event that was attended by close to 900 professional executives in the field of information technology.

In this digital meeting, more than 50 papers were combined with a solution exhibition area. Where Chiara has shown her assistants how they can improve their presentations in public.



3M Development Month

October 25, 2018

During the month of October, 3M presented its employees with a new training concept based on continuous learning. Through different talks and workshops, the company's staff had the opportunity to learn about various tools that will allow them to enhance their skills.

The corporate campaign was called "Development Month", and in the week of learning, Soraya del Portillo, Chiara's CEO, led a Master Class; During his talk, he contributed new ways of acquiring knowledge and developing skills, and presented 4 technological tools: Chiara, Gamelearn, Capaball and Zapiens.


Working Breakfast at Utopicus Madrid

October 24, 2018.

This time, the Utopicus spaces in Madrid was the meeting place for a working breakfast between Chiara and companies such as: The German Chamber of Commerce, Damco, Accenture and The Valley.



Media Startups


Interview a Soraya del Portillo, CEO & Founder de Chiara

October 22, 2018

"For years, traditional training has not allowed students to practice enough to improve this ability. On the one hand, they neither practice enough in real environments and unfortunately, they can not receive objective feedback on how they are doing it, "says Del Portillo.

She also says that they are going to expand to Latin America at the beginning of 2019 and in the middle of the same year, she also reveals that Chiara may be transferred to young people on the hands of an important company so that from a young age they begin to practice speaking in public.


Es Radio.jpg

Es Radio

: Mundo Emprende

October 21, 2018

Like every Sunday, Borja Pascual on his radio program, Mundo Emprende, interviews different SMEs and this time he talks about Virtual Reality that today goes beyond and has come to become a reality that involves the present and the future of many companies. He was with him, Mr.Gelen Torres Fernández, Communications Director of Chiara,who explains how Chiara is able to make the student feel that he is really giving the speech in public.

"Chiara makes the student prepare for any type of scenario, thereby helping him to eliminate stage fright and significantly improve his speech.





El Minuto de Oro

Gelen Torres, communication director of Chiara, was in The Golden Minute with Esther Molina, talking about the improvement gaps that this type of virtual training covers, unlike conventional training.



Capital Radio

, Foro de los Recursos Humanos


Con Fran García Cabello

October 8, 2018

"The most important thing is that we are all aware when it comes to communicating, not only are the first lines, not only is the voice of Human Resources, it is the voice of each and every one of the employees within a company, knowing that in that communication are the values, the culture, etc., that is why it is so important to train and convince, "says Soraya del Portillo.




October 5, 2018

"With Chiara the student can improve their ability to speak in public by up to 20%, just by putting on the Virtual Reality glasses, you will be able to enter different scenarios where you can see real people with whom you will practice your speech", says Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara.



Onda del Sol


123 Emprende

October 4, 2018

After 16 years in the field of Human Resources dedicated to skills training, Soraya del Portillo CEO and Founder of Chiara, explains that among their star face-to-face courses, was the "presentations in public", however, details that no consultant , neither they nor any other, could somehow achieve with these face-to-face courses that the student practice unlimitedly in real environments, 100% immersive and that he/she also receives a feedback of how he is doing it; objectively. For this reason, it was necessary for her to go a step further, rely on new technologies and cover those two gaps of face-to-face training with Chiara.



People and Tech Showcase

October 4, 2018

Soraya del Portillo presented Chiara in People and Tech Showcase, the event in which 8 solutions and apps were announced to improve the employee experience.



Casa de México

October 3, 2018

After the inauguration of the Casa de México in Madrid, Chiara participated in the conference on financing for public and private investments between Spain and Mexico.



South Summit 2018

October 3, 4 and 5, 2018

During the first week of October, Chiara was present at the South Summit 2018, the largest annual event in Southern Europe about entrepreneurs and investors. Chiara was one of the 100 finalists this year and over 3 days, gave the opportunity to attendees to immerse themselves in virtual experience showing some of the scenarios that the APP offers students to train their presentations and improve their speech.



I Serious Games Camp Terrassa

September 27 and 28 2018

Chiara was present at the I Serious Games Camp 2018 in Terrasa, where she showed attendees how technology and Virtual Reality can become a means to acquire communication skills that allow to significantly improve public presentations.



Work coffee at Utopicus Barcelona

September 27, 2018

On this occasion we were able to share an afternoon of work with companies such as: GB Foods, Generali Group Spain, University of Barcelona, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, DAMM, 4DVELOPMENT and Laboratorios Isdin, where Chiara demonstrated to the attendees how they can improve their communication skills.



Capital Radio

September 26, 2018

Interview with Soraya del Portillo by José de la Morena in: One of ours.

"With Chiara you enter a virtual environment, where you teleport to a meeting room or an audience of 100 people, for example, everything which is according to the module you are in, when you do your practice," says Del Portillo.

As the student progresses in the course, the level of difficulty increases progressively, the attendees even come to pass-by the speaker, they look at the mobile, they stand up, they shake their heads (to name a few difficulties).



Dos hasta las Dos

September 21, 2018

Interview transmitted by Onda Madrid with journalists Isabel Garcia Regadera and Begoña Tormo.

The South Summit is approaching and there is no better opportunity to talk about Chiara, the training through virtual reality training, and that Soraya del Portillo, its founder is a finalist of this great event that will be held in Madrid on October 4 and 5.

On this occasion, Chema Nieto, who knows the most about entrepreneurship issues, comments that: "In Spain, all the necessary agents have come together to generate an ecosystem in which there are investors, large corporations, public institutions and, of course, entrepreneurs who are the basis of it all".

On the other hand, Maria Benjumea Founder and CEO of Spain Startup and South Summit reveals that this year, the great novelty is the conference on how to reinvent education in a way that responds to this digital world



Cio España

September 9, 2018

Article published in

As the portal notes, "The public exposure of having to make a presentation or give a talk in front of other people is something that most people feel a certain stage fright and it bothers them", therefore, Chiara through a mobile application and virtual reality, helps improve communication skills and public presentations within companies, increasing up to 20% their presentations in public.



La Razón

September 7, 2018

Article published on the Innovators portal, by La Razón, by María Climent.

"... Del Portillo set out to digitize all the experience accumulated in these last 16 years. The result is a solution that combines virtual reality and artificial intelligence in a unique way in the market. Chiara, as the platform is called, solves two of the traditional oratory courses. One, practice. Students can make their speeches or presentations in the most realistic way possible thanks to 24 scenarios (from auditoriums to meeting rooms) designed with virtual reality ... ", highlights.

The second challenge was to get an answer. Portillo has used artificial intelligence here. "We needed the virtual 'coach' to offer perfect and objective feedback," he says. "And we have exceeded expectations."



Parcela Digital

September 6, 2018

Article published in

"... The Chiara training platform improves communication skills within companies thanks to Virtual Reality. Through a mobile application, senior executives and executives can increase their presentations in public by up to 20% ...", review.

I also emphasize that, with Chiara, the student has control of the times, in this way I know how much to dedicate to each aspect of the presentation.



Todo startup

September 5, 2018

Article published in, the portal for Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, startups and businesses.

"... Chiara is developed by Team Training Consulting, led by Soraya del Portillo, has had the collaboration of the Phonetics Laboratory of the University of Barcelona and with the co-financing of the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) ..."



Top Emprendedores

September 5, 2018

Article published in

"... The training program that is customized for each user, includes video tutorials prior to the practice where they can be trained and follow the guidelines shown during the virtual experience. The user has the application for 6 weeks, and when it finishes, he / she will be able to do internships at specific moments ... ", says the portal.


DmKebE0W4AATufO.jpg large.jpg

Radio foro RRHH Capital Humano

September 3, 2018

Soraya del Portillo was present in the sixteenth season of the human resources forum with Francisco García Cabello, where the strong point of the discussion was the importance of internal communication in all organizations and innovation.

"With enthusiasm and credibility have come that large companies have given the opportunity to test with their professionals, and that these first tests have been a success." How do we do it? Because making the student can practice the unlimited way in real scenarios , getting the feedback it receives is objective and constructive, "says Del Portillo.



Ok Diario

September 1, 2018

Article published in Daily Ok

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara by Carolina Mundi de Ok diario.

... The passion for communication led Soraya del Portillo to embark on this initiative that allows her pupils to 'teleport' to meeting rooms with four people or auditoriums with 100 people. "In all of them, as in reality, we are going to find situations of all kinds, from distracted people who do not look at the speaker, to attendees who are distracted by their mobile phones or leave the room. The degree of difficulty of the scenarios increases progressively, so that the flow of learning is progressive and simple for the student." says its founder.

They decided to do it online because in training students, two key aspects are needed: the first, practice and the second, having an objective and personalized feedback. "The more you practice, the more this skill is improved: this helps on one hand to reduce this fear and allows training. And the second aspect is the possibility of having an objective, personalized and online feedback of the practices carried out. With Chiara, we managed to overcome these two handicaps, making the student practice in an unlimited way facing all kinds of everyday situations ".



Onda Madrid

July 27, 2018

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara by Begoña Tormo and Chema Nieto at Good Morning Madrid.

According to the CEO, with Chiara any professional can train their ability to speak in public in an easy, flexible way and above all without having the fear that we always have when doing it in front of other people. "Chiara is able to give you action plans so that the student improves, so that he/she eliminates that tagline that can be so uncomfortable for those who listen to him/her," she says.

The program is prepared for 12 hours of training; Soraya considers that two months is enough time training for an hour and a half everyday. However, the most important thing in this tool is that the person decides how much they really want to train.



Capital Humano

July 13, 2018

Article published in Human Capital 360

As the web portal reviews, after the vocation of having a direct application to the entrepreneurial world and more specifically to be able to respond to the need of the Human Resources professionals in their work of transforming the training, Chiara arrives, the App that is trying to take learning by bringing it to the next level, that of virtual reality. "Chiara has the most advanced technologies for learning, such as gaze control and heat maps, detecting the focal points of vision during the dialogue, thus being able to correct the weak points and thus enhancing the attention of the listeners, and with this, improve the engagement with the public, "says Soraya del Portillo CEO of Chiara.



Telemadrid (Onda Madrid)

July 7, 2018

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara by Chema Nieto in Emprende Madrid by OndaMadrid.
"Chiara is very easy to use, it is the first coach you can carry in your pocket and practice where you want", says the CEO, who also explains that the most interesting part is their scenarios, since they are real. She also comments that from September new challenges will be included, such as an interview on the radio or on the elevator, to make the elevator pitch and be able to convince an investor with your idea.



Real o virtual

July 2, 2018

Article by Chiara in Real or Virtual, the leading medium on virtual reality and augmented in Spanish. ...

"With the help of an immersive environment, Chiara allows us to face different habitual situations that occur in any presentation, meeting or presentation" ... Real or virtual review.

Read more



Déjate de historias TV

June 28, 2018

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara by Teresa Sánchez Letona de Déjate de Historias TV.
"The important thing about this product is really the objective. It is a training aimed at managers from large corporations what they do is give comfort, flexibility and objectivity to their managers so that they can improve the way they give their presentations in public, "says the CEO.
For Soraya del Portillo, the best thing that the tool has, besides the virtual reality, is that when the student finishes his practice he receives feedback on how he has done it, receiving information about his intonation, the positivity of his speech and even how he has shared the look.



Pymetech / EFE

June 28, 2018

"We have been developing this project for 18 months and it has been a constant struggle which, unfortunately, we have not gotten any help," says Soraya del Portillo, in the interview conducted by Pymetech.

According to comments, it is now when they are beginning to move to get these grants outside Spain, for it has been difficult, but highlights that the Spanish woman is characterized as a fighter and never gives up, if it were not for that, it would be very complicated in Spain to be an entrepreneur.



Canal 33

June 28, 2018

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara by José Sevilla from Canal 33.

"Chiara was born in February 2018 and already has clients such as Ferrovial, Acciona, ING, BBVA ..." "I think we are paving the way, making a mark. It's costing us, but we're creating a trend and creating a new way of doing business training, ” she says.



Onda cero

June 28, 2018

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara by Sonia Crespo from Onda Cero.

According to Soraya del Portillo, "the fear to speak in public, is one of the greatest sources of anxiety, since it is the third most common phobia in the national context", therefore, explains that from that need in the market, she as an expert in skills training decided to create Chiara, a virtual coach that you can take anywhere and help you to be an excellent presenter.


ms alcobendas.jpg

Media Startups Alcobendas 2018

June 28, 2018

Chiara has participated in the III Encounter of media, startups and entrepreneurs; Various media such as Onda Cero, EfeEmprende, Canal 33, Pymetech and Déjate de historias TV were talking with Soraya del Portillo, Chiara's CEO.

Throughout the day a series of round tables were held, among which are: "Entrepreneurs and journalists", "Investors and journalists: how to communicate", "Entrepreneurs are news", "Television is entrepreneurial" and, finally, the round table of "11 entrepreneurs vs. 11 journalists", in which was Soraya del Portillo discussing Media and Startups.



Working breakfast in Open Talk

June 20, 2018

Second working breakfast, where responsible for Training and Human Resources learned in depth how Chiara can help her organizations to improve their communication and influence capacity.

We decided to make another call, where customers such as: Mapfre, Caixa Bank, DGT, Cemex, MTP, Vector, Baxter, Tecnylabor, Intercontinental and Peri were present and could try Chiara.



Article Linkedin

June 4, 2018

The future is now: Practice by Doing + Feedback Inmersive VR.

From Chiara it is proposed, to take the concept to the next level, Practice by doing through virtual reality, also offering a totally objective and personalized feedback thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Thus, it becomes possible to detect the needs of each student at each moment, identifying their areas of improvement, so that they can practice and control their actual evolution, accompanied by a virtual coach.


Read more


Work Breakfast at The Valley

May 30, 2018

With work breakfasts to experience Chiara, large companies had the opportunity to experiment with Chiara.

In this first meeting we had the participation of large companies such as: Inditex, Repsol, 3M, Cecabank, VIIV Helthcare, Sotec Consulting, Discovery Networks, Social Institute of the Navy, San Gobain, Amadeus It Group, Urbaser, Bial, Cardiothecary, Rental Insurance.



WomanTech interview

May 8, 2018

At OMexpo 2018, WomanTech, the online medium specialized in women and technology, visited our booth and was able to learn about the true virtual experience that Chiara offers. According to the media, "women's representation is still quite low in the digital and technological sector and, ultimately, in the ecosystem of technology-based start-ups". Therefore, we love knowing that Soraya del Portillo is part of that small number of women who today joins the great technologies and entrepreneurship projects.



Omexpo 2018

April 25 and 26, 2018

We are proud to say that we were at the reference event in digital marketing & e-commerce in Spain, where in just two days we presented Chiara to hundreds of visitors who attended the IFEMA facilities in Madrid. Those who passed through our stand experienced the experience offered by our training product through Virtual Reality.



Article published in

February 22, 2018

... "With this new methodology, you can rehearse in 24 different scenarios and with different audiences. The speech that takes place lasts between 5 and 8 minutes and the scenarios that can be experienced are meeting rooms, assembly halls and classrooms, among others. "Even the possibility is offered to the speaker to upload their own slides" ... Review the portal of Inversión &



Interview Agency EFE

February 22, 2018

Soraya del Portillo explains in Agencia EFE: Companies, everything about Chiara.

"The training is developed thanks to an APP, which is based on virtual reality glasses, making the student feel that" really "is intervening in public, EFE reviews. "Chiara is currently in Spanish, but we are doing the development for other languages nd it will be possible to work in English later this year", highlights Soraya del Portillo.



Radio forum HR human capital

February 5, 2018

"Throughout these years we have focused on face-to-face training but in the end we have to be visionaries and put new technologies at the service of the development and training of our employees. We try, that these new technologies allow us to obtain better results ", comments Soraya del Portillo. BeChiara!


Awards and honors


Co-financed project by the European Regional Development FEDER, within the Technological Operative Funds program from 2007-2013