Culture Emprende with Andrés Dulanto Women Entrepreneurs

by Felipe Salazar

October 29, 2018

"As an enterprising woman, I founded my first Human Resources consultancy 12 years ago, where we specialized in soft skills, and the biggest lack we had in the national market was that the managers were very well prepared in content and at the university, but, they had a very important gap in that part of skills, and that is, they have shortcomings when it comes to leading people, leading meetings or closing negotiations and especially when it comes to communicating and trying to sell an idea, "said Soraya. Portillo, CEO of Chiara.

According to the CEO, thanks to new technologies, today their tool manages to cover these shortcomings, and allows professionals to be fully effective when making their presentations. "With Chiara, it is possible to increase the number of practices and it is also done in a totally realistic environment," he said.


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