Ok Diario

by Felipe Salazar

September 1, 2018

Article published in Daily Ok

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara by Carolina Mundi de Ok diario.

... The passion for communication led Soraya del Portillo to embark on this initiative that allows her pupils to 'teleport' to meeting rooms with four people or auditoriums with 100 people. "In all of them, as in reality, we are going to find situations of all kinds, from distracted people who do not look at the speaker, to attendees who are distracted by their mobile phones or leave the room. The degree of difficulty of the scenarios increases progressively, so that the flow of learning is progressive and simple for the student." says its founder.

They decided to do it online because in training students, two key aspects are needed: the first, practice and the second, having an objective and personalized feedback. "The more you practice, the more this skill is improved: this helps on one hand to reduce this fear and allows training. And the second aspect is the possibility of having an objective, personalized and online feedback of the practices carried out. With Chiara, we managed to overcome these two handicaps, making the student practice in an unlimited way facing all kinds of everyday situations ".


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