Onda Madrid

by Felipe Salazar

July 27, 2018

Interview with Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara by Begoña Tormo and Chema Nieto at Good Morning Madrid.

According to the CEO, with Chiara any professional can train their ability to speak in public in an easy, flexible way and above all without having the fear that we always have when doing it in front of other people. "Chiara is able to give you action plans so that the student improves, so that he/she eliminates that tagline that can be so uncomfortable for those who listen to him/her," she says.

The program is prepared for 12 hours of training; Soraya considers that two months is enough time training for an hour and a half everyday. However, the most important thing in this tool is that the person decides how much they really want to train.


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