by Chiara Team

January 28, 2019.

By Carlos Manso

"Speaking in public is never easy, neither for a senior executive nor even for an information professional, since it requires a lot of training and preparation. In the world of acting, there is a saying that ensures that the best improvisation is the most prepared. To facilitate this learning was born in February of last year «Chiara», an online tool that allows us to polish the way we express ourselves publicly. All this, through virtual reality and specific glasses, that allow simulating real situations. In return the student will receive «objective and measurable feedback», in the words of the founder and CEO of «Chiara», Soraya del Portillo.

The CEO of «Chiara» has warned that she is already «preparing new features that will revolutionize the world of skills training» and, for this, they have submitted their candidacy for the European aid «Horizontes 2020». For now, Portillo is preparing to export its improved platform to five Latin American countries such as Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. However, they have also shown their interest in this tool in Brazil or the United Kingdom, where they will participate next week at the "Bett Show" Education Fair. Soon he could open new offices on Mexican soil with a local partner.



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