Diario Vasco

by Chiara Team


February 9, 2019

 By Isaac Asenjo

 Simple thinking to many can make you sleepy. Speaking in public is not exclusive to politicians and celebrities at press conferences. Do not confuse with reading, that many will get good grades there. It's about being able to present a project, say a few words at an event, make a proposal at the company to your colleagues or succeed in a job interview. Different situations in which you have to stay calm and move with dexterity. You can resort to an oratory course, but you have to practice a lot and it is not worth putting yourself to practice in front of parents, you have to do it in more risky situations. And above all realistic in which the recipient of the message does not stop looking at the smartphone, you get a fit of coughing, you are bored by what you are being told or you whisper with the person next to you.

This is possible thanks to the mix of virtual reality and artificial intelligence offered by Chiara, the Spanish startup that teaches to speak in public to executives of the Ibex, journalists and anyone who needs it for their day to day.


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