by Chiara Team

February 1, 2019

 By Raúl Poza Martín

"It's one thing to speak in public and be used to it and quite another to do it well. Yes we also add the different forums in which, for example, a manager has to communicate with third parties, the equation gets complicated. On the other hand, we must also take into account the nerves that occur in certain acts in which you intervene as a speaker and the need or obligation that the speech is forceful, direct, entertaining or enjoyable, "highlights the web portal.

"Personalized coaching. Chiara analyzes in real time different speech parameters that influence fluency, credibility, security or influence. As can be the coletillas, the positivity, the emotional charge, the pauses, the silences, the blocks ...

 Analytics The system combines the most advanced analytics capabilities, including proprietary algorithms for voice decomposition, natural language analysis and monitoring of the gaze. With a team of linguistics, phonetics, pedagogy, psychology and HR they evaluate the


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