by Chiara Team

February 4, 2019

 By Alejandro Silva Lameda

 It is time to expose in classes or in a meeting and after having spent one or several nights of preparation, you forget part of the studied just a few moments to start your talk. Your hands begin to tremble, your heart does not stop beating at full speed and you start to sweat cold, that's where stage fright attacks you and leaves you motionless in front of the audience.

 This episode you once lived, but calm (a) that technology also has the cure for this evil.

 A Spanish psychologist named Soraya Del Portillo has developed "Chiara", a virtual reality application that works with artificial intelligence and recreates that which generates fear.

 "We overcome fear by exposing ourselves to the situation that generates fear," the human resources specialist told the BBC news agency. "It is proven that the more you face a situation, the greater the control of physiological and cognitive responses," he added.


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