La Nación

by Chiara Team

January 20, 2019


By Javier Cortés


"... In 2006, Soraya del Portillo founded a consultancy specialized in training in social skills. With the passage of time, he realized the difficulty of measuring the improvement of his students beyond subjective assessments. "No coach or trainer has the objective capacity to measure how a student has made a presentation, my perception is always different from that of another trainer," he explains. Therefore, in 2015, he began working on a project to alleviate this problem, "the portal describes.


"His idea was to create a series of scenarios so that, through virtual reality, students could rehearse their presentations and understand their progress based on the visual and auditory information collected by their technology. After a year and a half of work, he managed to form a team of professionals that helped him build the platform he had in mind, 'CHIARA', a virtual reality platform ... ".




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