La Voz de los RRHH

by Chiara Team

April 11, 2019

“The elaboration of work, literally, the construction of work, is a technique that brings a new approach to workplace through proactive change and adaptation to each person’s way of being”, as Randstad says. In other words, it means adapting our employment to our skills, abilities and preferences. In this way, welfare and happiness at work increase, so as we have explained many times, productivity and retention of talent increase too.

To discuss this very topical issue, we had the pleasure to meet José Manuel Arribas, Grupo Persona Managing Partner and Ana Casado, Project Manager and Empleoyment Area member, also in Grupo Persona; Olga Barroso, Vector 4 HR Manager; Esther Ortega, Petit Palace Hotels HR manager; Human Recourses of Escuela San Patricio, who is Jaime Úbeda; and Gelen Torres, Communications and External Relations Manager of BeChiara.


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