Muy Segura

by Chiara Team

April 5, 2019

"... The formations that we gave were only a mere procedure where the professionals used the training space as a forum for complaint and relief. And, although there was sometimes a learning of content, this knowledge did not take hold and, in a really short period of time, the professionals had forgotten what we tried to transmit in the formations, "says Soraya del Portillo, CEO of Chiara.

 "I realized that the model was profitable, that is, there was an interesting economic transaction, but nobody was responsible for the result. The results were KPIs that simply justified that one training or another had been carried out. And the worst came when you realized that what you were doing did not generate the change you were looking for. We are supposed to be experts in skills training, and this implies a responsibility with the behavioral change of our students. At the same moment that I realized that we were not achieving this, I understood that things had to be done differently, and I firmly believe that only from emotion and real practice can a change of habits and improvement of skills be achieved. in people, "he says.


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