by Chiara Team

June 21st 2019

One of the first courses to jump into the world of coaching, using Virtual Reality, is Chiara. Developed in Spain, Chiara was designed to improve skills in presentations and public communications. Users download the app on their phone and connect it to a VR Headset.

 José Martrat, ‘Actitud Pro’ –consulting, training and coaching firm- Managing Partner explains, “When running the simulation, users speak and make their presentations to an audience, from which they can choose up 28 different typologies, which they are truly interacting with. Subsequently, they get a feedback from a Virtual Coach who performs objectively a set of assessments that tells the users what they have done well and what points they should improve or fix.”

 Soraya del Portillo, BeChiara CEO and founder: “More than 700 students have used Chiara since its launch on February 2018. More than 70 persons, most of them are engineers, have been involved in the development of this tool.”

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